deadmau5 - Get Scraped (Original Demo CD) [WAV]

2018-11-21 04:07 GMT
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This is a rip of my original deadmau5 Get Scraped Demo CD. It is ripped straight to CD quality lossless using EAC.

Astute listeners will notice that Messages From Nowhere doesn't sound great compared to modern re-releases ("stuff i used to do" or even the suckscription)
I don't know if this difference is since the newer versions have been remastered, if the song was poorly sourced for the Demo CD, or if it was somehow altered while being prepared for the Demo CD (perhaps when they were crossfading the songs together).

In any case, this rip is exactly how the Demo CD originally sounds! If any of these tracks have indicators of lossy encoding, well then that's just how the songs are written on the CD.


-There is a fake lossless rip of this album floating around. It is actually just a lossy 256kbps AAC rip that was re-encoded (unless there is a different rip I don't know about).

-There is also a bizarre version of this album where someone attempted to make an unmixed version (as in remove the cross fades between the songs) using tracks pieced together from various sources.
---Some of the songs were sourced from the aforementioned lossy AAC rip, had their start and end times adjusted, then were re-rendered to 32 Bit Depth using FL Studio 11.
---Some of the songs were taken from the suckscription.
---There is also a track or two in there from an unknown source (can't be bothered to figure out. Doesn't really matter).

-There is also a fake lossless 32 Bit Depth Shift floating around which came from the aforementioned unmixed edit of the CD. Just toss that boi in the trash.

Unless you can source some of these songs directly from deadmau5, the highest quality you are gonna get is this rip right here :)
Some of these tracks were on the suckscription, but even then they are slightly different to the versions on this CD (even apart from the crossfading).
Not that they aren't cool to have in their own right! Honestly I prefer the modern version of Messages from Nowhere, the mastering is much improved.

It's about time people get to listen to this CD!

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