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Thomas Alden Page (May 24, 1970 – March 4, 2017) was an American singer-songwriter, best known for his 1990 hit single "I'll Be Your Everything" and was later a music industry executive. He released 7 albums till his death. This torrent contains the first 3 albums, all published by Sire/Warner records in USA. They are not my rips but collected from various sources. also included are 10 videos (480p/mp4):
1. Tommy Page - Tommy Page (November 1988)
When Page turned 18, he was asked to write the theme tune of the film Shag and released it as his first single. Page's self-titled debut album was released by Sire/Warner Bros. Records in November 1988 and contained hits such as "A Zillion Kisses," "Turning Me On," "I Think I'm in Love," and "A Shoulder to Cry On".

FLAC | tracks + CUE | 36:56 | 241 mb

01. A Zillion Kisses (3:10)
02. Turning Me On (4:00 AM)
03. African Sunset (4:12)
04. I Think I'm In Love (3:28)
05. Hard To Be Normal (3:15)
06. I Love London (4:00 AM)
07. Making My Move (3:44)
08. Love Takes Over (4:35)
09. A Shoulder To Cry On (3:28)
10. Minetta Lane (3:04)
2. Tommy Page - Paintings In My Mind (1990)
The follow-up album Paintings in My Mind (which he dedicated to his grandmother) gave Page a No. 1 single in the U.S., "I'll Be Your Everything," a song that was written with and features members of New Kids on the Block. Other singles from the album that were released after that were "When I Dream of You" and "Turn on the Radio" (another New Kids on the Block collaboration). The album also features "Don't Give Up on Love," a duet with Latin freestyle singer Sa-Fire. Sa-Fire and Page co-wrote the song, which was released as a single overseas.

APE | image + CUE | 40:40 | 281 mb

01 I'll Be Your Everything 04:08
02 I Break Down 03:46
03 Turn On The Radio 04:04
04 Don't Give Up On Love 03:55
05 When I Dream Of You 04:07
06 Till The End Of Time 05:10
07 Just Before (I Was Gonna Say I Love You) 03:45
03 Don't Walk Away 03:35
09 You're The Best Thing (That Ever Happened To Me) 04:05
10 Paintings In My Mind 04:06
3. Tommy Page - From The Heart (1991)
Page's third album, released in 1991, was titled From the Heart, The first single, "Whenever You Close Your Eyes," saw Page working with Michael Bolton and Diane Warren. "Under the Rainbow" and "Madly in Love" also were released as singles

APE | image + CUE | 44:02 | 281 mb

1.Whenever You Close Your Eyes
2.Under the rainbow
3.Madly In Love
4.You Are My Heaven
5.I Still Believe (Prelude)
6.I Still Believe In You And Me
7.Written All Over My Heart
8.My Shining Star
9.Can't Get You Outta My Mind
10.I'll never forget you
11.Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

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