Richard Hoagland - The Other Side of Midnight - October 2018

2018-11-09 19:50 GMT
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Richard C. Hoagland - The Other Side of Midnight radio show MP3s
October 2018 - 

This is a collection of MP3s of The Other Side of Midnight, a podcast hosted by Richard C. Hoagland.  

The Other Side of Midnight now airs live on the podcast network BlogTalkRadio, with episodes available on demand.  It airs Saturdays and Sundays from 9pm-12am Pacific (12-3am Eastern).  From the website:     

 "The Other Side of Midnight hosted by Richard C. Hoagland takes you on a journey through the minds of exceptional scientific experts, investigators and analysts. Hoagland takes you behind the scenes of history to explore science, the humanities and secret government projects, while comparing our own science fiction dreams to the reality of our human existence."

As of January 2018, the BlogTalkRadio on demand episodes only contain the first hour of the show, with the full shows only being available to subscribers of Hoagland's 19.5 Club.  

The MP3s in this torrent contain the full 3 hour podcasts.  All MP3s have been renamed and properly tagged with the guest name and topic in the title tag.    

My plan is to seed a new Other Side of Midnight torrent at the end of each month, containing all of the shows for that month.  

If you are planning on downloading multiple torrents, simply point each torrent to download to the top level folder above the "Richard Hoagland - The Other Side of Midnight" folder and the individual months will download to their own subfolders.  

The name of each torrent may appear the same in your BT client (depending on the client).  This is necessary to keep the folder structure I want as this will be a series of torrents with subfolders.  You can see which month/year a torrent is by clicking the Files tab for each torrent.  

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