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In memorial of Mac's death, a friend of mine compiled a highly elaborate discography of Mac Miller's music. Throughout the years, Mac has released a lot of material, the focus of this discography was on vocals by Mac. It does not include all of his productions, but we would encourage anyone who feels so inclined to produce a discography of his productions.

This discography includes all of Mac's albums, many singles and several mixtapes which include tracks from Mac. Next to this some guest appearances that he did for other artists, live appearances and vocal appearances on Annual Treejay & DJ Clockwork 420 Mixtapes. I have added music info for all the albums, unfortunately not yet for all the singles.

Please be aware that you can choose to download only part of this compilation through the settings of your torrentclient. 

If you are not yet accustomed to Mac's music, I highly recommend:
- K.I.D.S Mixtape. Mac became relatively well known with the release of this mixtape in 2010. It has this unburdened high-school vibe: just chilling with friends, smoking some weed, no need to worry about anything. The mixtape radiates happiness and this is why I love it. Includes the classic 'Cool-Aid and Frozen Pizza, one of my favorite Mac tracks.

- GO:OD AM. Mac released this after he moved from LA to NYC. This album is fresh af. It is darker than K.I.D.S. but on the same time also quite positive. Great tracks include 'Weekend' & '100 Grandkids'.

This discography includes:

- But My Mackin Aint Easy (2007)
- The Ill Spoken (2008
- DJ Mynd Tek Music 4 Tha Mynd Vol. 3, Mixtape hosted by Mac Miller (2009)
- The High Life (2009)
- The Jukebox Prelude to Class Clown (2009)
- K.I.D.S. (2010)
- Sour Hour Mixtape hosted by Mac (2010)
- 92 Til Infinity (2011)
- Blue Slide Park (2011)
- I Love Life, Thank You (2011)
- Mac & Yellow (2011)
- Most Dope Scratchbacks (2011)
- On and On and Beyong (2011)
- Piffsburgh (2011)
- Unreleased (unofficial Mac Miller Compilation)(2011)
- Macadelic (2012)
- Talk About (2012)
- You (2012)
- Delusional Thomas (2013)
- Live From Space (2013)
- Run-On Sentences (2013)
- Stolen Youth ft. Vince Staples (2013)
- Turkey Love (21 min comedy song) (2013)
- Watching Movies With The Sound Off (2013)
- Faces (2014)
- GO:OD AM (2015)
- Run-On Sentences Vol. 2 (Instrumental Mixtape)(2015)
- The Divine Feminine (2016)
- Swimming (2018)

Non Album singles
- 39 tracks

Guest Appearances
- 105 tracks

Live Appearances
- 22 performances

Vocal Appearances on 420 Mixtapes
- 12 tracks

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