Jefferson Starship - Hartford (2CD SBD) 1976ak320

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Jefferson Starship - Hartford (2CD SBD) 1976ak320 

Right after Marty was knocked out at Altamont 
A little over a year later, Balin quit the group. “I thought everybody [was] kind of an asshole,” he said  “It was a period of cocaine then…everybody took cocaine. And people I would work with, they would yell at you and it got intense. The Airplane was on that kind of trip. You know, I personally just drank alcohol. But some of the chemicals made people crazy and very selfish, and it just wasn’t any fun to be around for me. So I bailed.” 

Balin later joined Jefferson Starship in January 1975 following a guest appearance on Dragon Fly 
.Balin’s pop instincts came to the fore again, and he wrote the new band’s 1975 hit “Miracles,” which reached No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot 100. 

In 1976 they were touring in support of, Spitfire, released in June 1976.It went platinum  we catch up with them again in Hartford CT 
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Disk 1 

01 Ride the Tiger.mp3 
02 Fast Buck Freddie.mp3 
03 That's for Sure.mp3 
04 Love, Lovely Love.mp3 
05 Hot Water.mp3 
06 Somebody to Love.mp3 
07 Ozymandias.mp3 
08 With Your Love.mp3 
09 Play on Love.mp3 
10 Big City.mp3 
11 Hyperdrive.mp3 
12 Nighthawk.mp3 

Disk 2 

13 Cruiser.mp3 
14 St. Charles.mp3 
15 Have You Seen the Saucers_.mp3 
16 Dance with the Dragon.mp3 
17 Sweeter than Honey.mp3 
18 Volunteers.mp3 
19 Miracles.mp3 
20 White Rabbit.mp3 
21 Please Come back.mp3 
22 Volunteers.mp3 

Only three years later, however, he had soured on touring and Slick’s battles with alcohol, and left for a solo career, releasing his first solo album

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